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My Mysterious Biography

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Meredith Ann Pierce was born in Seattle, Washington, at 12:29 a.m. on 5 July 1958, half an hour after the fireworks ended. She promptly set out to create her own. Besides Washington State, she has haunted California, Illinois, Texas, and most recently, Florida. She received from the University of Florida both a B.A. (bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts) in 1978 and an M.A. (master of arts degree in English / creative writing) in 1980. What was she thinking?
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In a fit of scholastic aptitude, she returned to graduate school and made off with an M.L.S. (master of library science degree) from Florida State University in 1992. She now works as a mild-mannered librarian for the Alachua County Library District by day, ministering unto the information-needy and continually reminding everybody in the building to please speak more quietly.
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By night, she writes fantasy, racking up a score of published works and numerous awards over the last two decades. No amount of trickery on the part of friends or pleading by relatives has succeeded in weaning her away from the filthy habit--her doctor recommended a transdermal patch--but she ignores them all. Writing's in her blood, and she just can't stop.
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The author's hobbies include composing music, plinking various harps, and growing her hair to ridiculous lengths. She lives "off the grid" with a foundling, a bantling, a bagpiping ne'er-do-well, several squatters, and assorted hangers-on in the woods south of the nation's second-oldest European settlement (Micanopy, Florida) in a house powered by solar energy. (Don't ask her. She can't explain--something about preserving the environment.) Her motto: "Be ecologically responsible. Keep the body-count down."

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