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Excerpt from

"'All Shall Love Me and Despair':

The Figure of Lilith in Tolkien, Lewis, Williams & Sayers"

Mythlore, Spring 1982 (V. 9, No. 1)

Mythlore spring '82

Who is Lilith? According to Hebrew tradition, she was the first wife of Adam, cast out of Eden for insubordination and doomed to roam the world a malevolent spirit. Mother of the Jinn, her name means "the Nocturnal One," and she is the spirit of whirlwinds and destruction. Able to assume the shape of a beautiful woman, she is the smotherer and devourer of children, seducer and strangler of men. Long an archeype in Christian and Hebrew literature, she sometimes appears as the wife of Satan and occasionally emerges as "Dame Hell," (1) synomymous with the devil him- (or should we say "her-"?) self. . . .

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